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Why would there be a need for women’s addiction recovery programs? Put simply, it’s because men and women have different needs–and this concept extends to men and women with addiction.

Women are often responsible for caring for the emotional, mental, and physical needs of those around them. Girls learn how to be like this through observing how men and women behave as they grow up. Thus, women affected by substance abuse may ignore their own needs as they focus on the care of others. Such behavior can prevent necessary healing from taking place. Some women may not even be aware that they’re struggling with addiction until it’s pointed out to them.

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What Is a Women’s Addiction Recovery Program?

Seeking help for addiction can be difficult. However, being surrounded by strangers of both genders can quickly create an overwhelming and intimidating situation for some clients. For a variety of reasons, some women may not even be able to bring themselves to discuss their addiction while men are in the room.

Women’s addiction recovery programs can provide a sense of safety and support for clients like this. In gender-specific programs, clients can feel free to discuss their substance abuse among similar peers. Additionally, women’s addiction treatment programs typically involve staff members who understand women’s unique concerns in recovery, allowing for more tailored care.

What Are the Benefits of Addiction Treatment for Women?

1. Focusing on Self-Care and Emotional Needs

One of the benefits of a women’s addiction recovery program is the consistent focus on getting clients to invest in their self-care and pay attention to their emotional needs. Women often neglect themselves while continuing to care for the needs of their family members, particularly their spouses and children. A gender-specific addiction treatment program can provide women with the ideal setting to focus on themselves, for a change, and a greater chance at a successful recovery.

Women can also benefit from learning how they respond to life’s stressors. Once they understand why they sometimes develop self-defeating behaviors, or how they developed their addiction, they can learn more productive ways to deal with cravings, triggers, and overall stress.

2. Dealing With Co-Existing Problems

Many women getting addiction treatment have co-existing problems, such as eating disorders, trauma-related issues, or other mental health challenges. To treat addiction properly, these co-existing disorders must also be managed by a separate treatment plan. Gender-specific programs take this into account, and in addition to offering services to better treat co-existing mental issues, may even provide ways to manage physical problems — such as being pregnant while in addiction treatment.

Women that have gone through professional rehabilitation usually demonstrate a higher satisfaction with life. This may be because they’re learned to focus on themselves and have also dealt with other co-existing problems. Overall, gender-specific programs help clients feel a greater sense of purpose in their lives.

3. Having Access To Constant Support

One of the most significant benefits of addiction treatment for women is true for all substance abuse treatment programs. Clients gain access to consistent support, even when they’re finished with the formal professional program. Aftercare planning is part of this support. Many rehab centers also provide relapse prevention programs for clients that may need them.

Gender-specific care can make it much easier for many women to deal with the harsh reality of addiction. Asking for help when they need it also becomes easier. The gender-specific setting allows women to ask for and receive the safe and compassionate care they’re looking for.

Ready To Learn More About Avedis Recovery’s Programs for Women With Addiction?

Looking for a women’s addiction recovery program in California? Contact Avedis Recovery by calling 833.514.0579 or reaching out to our team online.

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