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  • Evidence-based addiction care
  • Medical detox & flexible-term rehab
  • Masters-level addiction therapists
  • Most major insurance accepted

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  • Evidence-based addiction care
  • Medical detox & flexible-term rehab
  • Masters-level addiction therapists
  • Most major insurance accepted

Call (833) 514-0579 or fill out the contact form

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Avedis Detox Tarzana

At Avedis Recovery, we offer a welcoming and practical approach to addiction treatment. We specialize in helping people manage addictions to various substances and end chronic relapse. At our comfortable and inclusive residential rehab center in Tarzana, CA, the home-style atmosphere offers structured, 24/7 support to people who are in the process of taking back their lives from substance use disorder.

4945 Lindley Ave, Tarzana, CA 91356


Residential Detox

The first stage of any reputable drug treatment program in California and beyond involves inpatient medical detox


Inpatient Rehab

The inpatient recovery program we offer at Avedis will change your perception of treatment centers and of addiction recovery in general

Avedis Recovery Los Angeles

When detox is manageable, recovery is possible. Our safe, comfortable, and friendly environment makes Avedis Recovery the absolute best place to detox. To ensure clients’ safety, our medical team provides 24/7/365 care for people in the beginning stages of addiction recovery. Watching the light return to people’s eyes is one of the greatest parts of our detox program. If your previous attempts at recovery have been unsuccessful, Avedis Recovery can help.

1249 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019


Recovery Center

While some people can use addictive drugs without developing an addiction, many of us do not have that option. For this single reason, the strive for lifelong recovery is imperative as it must be taken a day at a time along with proper support, tools, and insights

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does insurance cover rehab?

Yes, in most cases, health insurance covers rehab and additional forms of mental health treatment. The extent of coverage will depend on your particular insurance policy, the provider you choose, and the specifics of your case. It’s a good idea to confirm your level of coverage with both your insurance provider and your treatment provider before you begin treatment.

What do insurance companies typically cover for drug rehab?

Most insurance policies will cover drug rehab services that are considered medically necessary and for which there isn’t a less expensive alternative. Covered rehab services usually include diagnosis of the substance use disorder, prescribed medications, medical detox, therapy, lab services, and any needed hospitalization.

Both outpatient and inpatient services may be covered, but there may be stipulations, such as outpatient treatment must be first attempted before inpatient treatment is covered. Make sure to confirm the extent of your coverage with your insurance provider as well as any conditions you must adhere to for your treatment to remain covered. You’ll also want to confirm the percentage of treatment that will be covered, so you have a clear idea of how much any potential out-of-pocket costs will be.

How do I pay for rehab without insurance?

If you don’t have insurance, many treatment centers offer payment plans, allowing you to gradually pay off the cost of your treatment on a monthly basis once you’ve completed treatment. In addition, a lower level of care that costs less may be appropriate for your situation, resulting in a less expensive overall bill.

At Boca Recovery Center, we offer financial assistance scholarships for those who can’t afford to pay for treatment out of pocket. Eligibility is determined on an individual basis.

How long does insurance pay for inpatient rehab?

Generally, insurance will pay for 28 to 60 days of inpatient rehab, provided the treatment is deemed medically necessary. Sometimes, your insurance provider will cover a set number of days initially and then reassess the situation at that point. If they determine more treatment is needed based on documentation provided by your care team, they may cover an additional number of days.

Some insurance providers have rules regarding inpatient rehab coverage. For example, they may require that you first attempt outpatient addiction treatment before they will cover inpatient rehab.

Before you enroll in inpatient rehab, confirm the exact number of days that could potentially be covered with your policy as well as any requirements you must meet to get that level of coverage. Treatment facilities are well-versed in dealing with insurance providers, so they can help you find these answers.

Does Avedis Recovery offer flexible treatment plans?

Yes, our goal is to ensure you get the care you need at a manageable price point. We’ll create a custom plan that is tailored to your individual needs, and we’ll help you manage the total cost of care, so your treatment is accessible.

Does Avedis Recovery Center work with insurance providers?

Yes, we work with most major insurance providers while making the process convenient and stress-free for our patients