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According to studies by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, women are as likely as men to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. While each gender may have different experiences, the essence of addiction is the same for all humans. Therefore, a dedicated women’s rehab and addiction recovery program is a smart way to get help for your substance use disorder. For the best women’s recovery, Los Angeles residents have access to a facility focusing on women’s addiction recovery. If you or an important woman in your life struggles with addiction, contact Avedis Detox online or call us at 833.514.0579 today.

Does Gender Impact Addiction Recovery?

There may be a difference in substance use disorders, addiction treatment, and recovery when it comes to the sex of the user. While biological and genetic differences determine sex, gender is defined by traditions, cultural roles, and how individuals view themselves. At Avedis, we welcome people of all gender identities to our Tarzana drug rehab. Residential drug treatment needs to be safe for everyone. The minute you walk in the door, it is obvious there is an essence of hope and healing.

The National Council and Drug Dependence highlight a perfect example of these differences. They show that men have higher levels of the enzymes that break down alcohol in the stomach and liver than women. As a result, women absorb more alcohol into their bloodstream and have a higher blood alcohol concentration level than a man typically would have.

A women’s rehab program should be managed by trained and skilled professionals who understand the various impacts sex and gender may have on addiction and treatment and design individualized women’s addiction recovery plans based on your unique needs. Additionally, the best addiction programs, like the ones at Avedis Recovery, will consider your perspectives, life experiences, and individual needs. A facility specializing in women’s recovery in Los Angeles is best suited to oversee a successful and long-term recovery.

A Safe Tarzana Women’s Rehab Community

For some women, the presence of aother gender can be distracting at best, off-putting, and scary at worst. To experience a successful recovery, you want a setting free of distractions and worry. While in recovery, women should be allowed and encouraged to focus only on their own health and to improve their lives as they work toward long-term recovery. Women already have countless distractions in life and treatment. Within a dedicated women’s rehab, we eliminate one of them and have seen that treatment can then be more effective.


A healthy support network has the potential to be a key to successful and lifelong recovery. In a women’s rehab program, you’ll be surrounded by peers with a greater capacity for relating to your life experiences.

A Women’s Rehab Needs to Be Safe and Comfortable

It is possible that, while battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol and seeking professional help to recover, you may not feel comfortable sharing intimate or traumatic experiences in a group therapy setting with men included. This is absolutely normal and okay. One of the true benefits of women’s recovery, specifically, is that gender-specific addiction treatment can offer an environment that is:

  • Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Inviting
  • Welcoming

Finding comfort during addiction treatment will encourage women to be open, vulnerable, and honest with themselves and their therapist. They often find support from fellow women on a similar journey in group therapy. When a female patient is comfortable, the healing process, addiction treatment, and recovery can be more effective and successful.

Learn More at Avedis Detox in Tarzana CA

If a substance use disorder currently impacts your family, relationships with friends, and career, learn how women’s rehab and recovery in Los Angeles with Avedis Detox can help you start rebuilding your life. Contact us using our secure online form or call 833.514.0579 today.

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