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For many individuals who struggle with substance abuse, the temptation to keep using without seeking treatment can be substantial. In fact, although millions of people in America are addicted to drugs or alcohol, only one in ten is likely to seek treatment. They might think treatment is too costly, that it will take too much time out of their lives, or that it won’t work for them. No matter how many times you’ve tried to quit. No matter how powerless you feel, we want you to know that recovery is possible. After completing our residential detox and partial hospitalization at our Tarzana campus, the next step is outpatient treatment. Contact us by calling 833.514.0579 to learn more about our full continuum of addiction treatment options.

What Happens in an Outpatient Rehab?

Many people cannot afford to take time away from work, school, and family obligations to enroll in a comprehensive, full-time, residential rehab center for more than a few weeks. In an intensive outpatient addiction treatment program like the one we offer at Avedis in Los Angeles, you will receive the same types of treatment that you completed in the residential program; however, you will benefit from that treatment once you start attending work or school. During our IOP, clients live in their own homes and attend addiction treatment in our Los Angeles outpatient facility. You will still receive treatment from Avedis therapists, but it will take place in our Los Angeles office. We are happy to help you build treatment around your own schedule.

Outpatient Drug Treatment: Stay On Track

Intensive outpatient addiction treatment programs provide a stable course of treatment while still allowing patients to live in their homes. Avedis Recovery will help you decide which program fits your requirements and design an individualized treatment plan. At Avedis Recovery, each level of care includes an engaging array of therapies, services, and recovery support. The benefits of completing Avedis’ intensive outpatient program can be monumental for someone in recovery. An outpatient program also helps clients establish a pattern for attending AA and NA meetings.

The advantages offered by an outpatient addiction recovery program include the following:

  • Outpatient drug rehab is less expensive
  • Clients are able to maintain home and work responsibilities
  • The program allows people to stay connected with their Avedis family
  • Outpatient treatment offers a gradual decline in structure but no accountability

Levels of Care at a Los Angeles Outpatient Treatment Center

Our outpatient programs are designed for people who already have a solid foundation in recovery, but they are not designed for people who are new to treatment. If you have been using drugs for an extended period of time with brief periods of sobriety, our Inpatient programs may provide a more suitable option for you. For patients with the most severe addictions who struggle to function in an outpatient environment, our inpatient programs are often necessary.

These programs include the following:

Los Angeles Outpatient Recovery Program

At Avedis, our goal is to set our patients up for a lasting recovery. Your treatment team will work with you to develop a comprehensive post-treatment plan that works for you, your family, and your loved ones. We understand that each person’s recovery process is different; however, we know that people are more likely to succeed in recovery when they have completed a treatment program and have access to post-treatment recovery services. Whether you need advice or just want to talk to a person who understands some of what you’re going through, Avedis’s alumni network is available to help you every step of the way. To learn more about the life-changing outpatient program at Avedis Recovery, give us a call at 833.514.0579, or contact us online.