A relapse is a return to the substance use and abuse of the drugs or alcohol and risky behaviors you engaged in as a result of your addiction before you began your recovery. Preventing relapse is not complicated, but it is difficult because it requires significant lifestyle changes that might not appear to be related to addiction. Because relapses are common during recovery, relapse prevention is essential to your long-term success, health, and well-being. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a relapse prevention program is “a collection of interdependent techniques which are intended to enhance self-control.” If someone you love could benefit from a proactive approach to recovery, reach out to Avedis Detox online, or you call us at 833.514.0579 today to learn more about relapse prevention in Los Angeles.

What Is a Relapse Prevention Program

A relapse prevention program teaches self-control and coping skills to identify the early signs of a relapse and help an addict better understand themself, their addiction triggers and different emotional states, and the impact mentality has on relapsing. man gets relapse prevention

Preventing relapse after detox is best done with a professional relapse prevention program that is designed to change your behavior and anticipate the situations and people associated with your addiction.

During an addiction treatment program in Los Angeles, the Avedis team will help you in the following settings:

To effectively prevent a relapse, you must identify high-risk situations and how to react to them safely. Additionally, altering your lifestyle to avoid the substances, temptations, situations, and people involved in your previous addictive habits will also help prevent a relapse.

The Steps of Relapse Prevention

While in a relapse prevention program in Los Angeles, you will be provided with a multi-pronged approach to managing recovery and preventing a relapse.


One of the best ways to help to ensure relapse prevention is through therapy. During clinical therapy, the many motivations for your actions will be exposed and addressed. It is here where you will learn about what is happening in your mind and where you may experience personal growth. Part of relapse prevention involves therapy sessions designed to identify the emotions or thoughts that could stifle this growth and lead to negative and addictive behaviors.

Coping Skills

One of the primary advantages of entering into professional relapse prevention therapy is the ability to learn vital coping skills to help with your long-term recovery. You’ll be taught to confront the triggering thoughts, feelings, places, people, or memories that could lead to a relapse and the skills needed to work through and cope with these potentially harmful emotions. For example, you know that you should make a choice that will lead to relapse, but your mind could be working against you. With the appropriate coping skills in your toolbox, you will be better equipped to prevent relapse.

A Changed Lifestyle

Your detox removed the toxins from your system, but there could be other toxins in your environment that must be eliminated to prevent a relapse. Changing your lifestyle is another step toward long-term recovery. This might involve removing toxic people and situations from your life, building a healthier social circle, and surrounding yourself with supportive people who love and care about you and your well-being. A changed lifestyle could also see you finding healthier hobbies and maybe even changing the kind of work that you do.

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