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Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program in Los Angeles


February 9 2024

Many people who live in Los Angeles and the surrounding area are far too busy for a full-time recovery program. But after detox, what are your options? The answer may be a partial hospitalization program (PHP) with Avedis Detox Center. Avedis Detox Center offers a partial hospitalization program in Los Angeles that allows you to work around your schedule or care for loved ones at night while you recover. While less intense than a residential treatment program, you can still get the care you need with our partial hospitalization program for addiction in Los Angeles, California.

Partial Hospitalization Program in Los Angeles

A partial hospitalization program provides comprehensive treatments, including therapy and medical care but does not require the traditional overnight stay that many residential programs require. You will still be medically monitored while undergoing a series of evidence-based and holistic therapies. The great part of this type of treatment is that you can still live outside of treatment, meaning you can practice what you’ve learned in a real-world environment. You may benefit from this type of program if one of the following applies to you:

  • You require additional medical care
  • You have stable housing
  • You have previously completed a residential treatment program
  • You have a robust support system in the home
  • You worry about the time commitment of a residential program
  • You may need more support than an outpatient program provides

If any of the above sounds like you, then a partial hospitalization program for addiction may be right for you.

Partial Hospitalization Program for Addiction

A partial hospitalization program in Los Angeles, or a PHP in Los Angeles, California, offers many benefits. The following are some benefits of this type of program:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Have time to take care of family, work, or attend school
  • Provides a transition from inpatient care to real life
  • Access medical professionals to help with your continued sobriety and any emotional needs
  • Allows you to commute learned skills from treatment to the real world
  • As you can see, a partial hospitalization program in Los Angeles can give you the peace of mind needed to move forward with a lasting recovery.

Features of a PHP in Los Angeles

Some of the features of Avedis Detox Center’s PHP in Los Angeles, California, differ significantly from any other program you may encounter. For this reason, Avedis Detox Center is an excellent choice for your recovery. Some of those features may include the following services and options:

The services and options featured as part of the partial hospitalization program with Avedis Detox Center can give you the whole recovery experience with the flexibility of having your time be your own.

Partial Hospitalization Program for Addiction In Los Angeles, California

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, don’t wait. Seek help today with Avedis Detox Center’s PHP in Los Angeles, California. Our programs can help you to move beyond addiction and into recovery truly. Our holistic care will treat mind and body to help you find a proper balance in your life. At Avedis Detox Center, your program will be personalized to your needs. Call us at 833.514.0579 to learn more about changing your life today.

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February 9 2024

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