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Avedis Detox Tarzana

At Avedis, our residential medical detox program feels less like a hospital and more like home. One thing that separates us from other detox centers is our commitment to keeping our detox and residential patients under the same roof. Our residential patients offer something to our detox patients that isn’t available in a hospital: evidence of success. There is tremendous healing power in being surrounded by people who can really empathize with your struggles and remind you that recovery is worth the risk.

If your dependence on certain substances has started causing you more harm than good, finding the right detox program can help you start putting the pieces of your life back together. Contact our Tarzana, CA, rehab by calling 833.514.0579.

Active Addiction to Active Recovery

If independent detox hasn’t been effective for you, that is nothing to be ashamed of. Our inpatient model provides safety, structure, community, comfort, and support during the initial days of recovery. Being afraid of withdrawal symptoms is completely rational. At Avedis, we believe that detox needs to be manageable. Our experienced medical team and around-the-clock support can give you the comfort and support you need.

How Long Does Detox Take?

The duration of withdrawal depends on what drugs are being used and how long they’ve been being used. By eliminating the drugs from the body and mediating the symptoms of withdrawal, our clinicians allow the body to re-establish a healthy chemical balance. This prepares people for the next stage of treatment.

Drug and Alcohol Detox in Tarzana

Using addictive drugs over extended periods of time prevents people from experiencing even minor pain and discomfort. When people aren’t forced to deal with stress, discomfort, and emotions, they stop developing the ability to do so. Addictive drugs are powerful because they fool the brain into thinking we are happy regardless of how destitute our lives have become. Detox at Avedis can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the person. After a person becomes stable, we offer the following addiction treatment programs:

For many years it was believed that the only drugs that produced withdrawal symptoms were opioids and sedative-hypnotic drugs like alcohol. Today it is clear that every psychoactive drug that is taken in excess on a chronic basis will produce withdrawal symptoms. Psychological withdrawal can be just as damaging to recovery as physical withdrawal.

Most Withdrawal Is Polysubstance Withdrawal

During detox, the body compensates by overreacting to every physical and emotional discomfort that is usually suppressed by combinations of opioids, benzodiazepines, stimulants, and sedative-hypnotics. Withdrawal symptoms are the body’s natural reactions to suddenly being able to feel. Physical detoxification is only part of early treatment. People also deal with psychological withdrawal. Suddenly being able to feel after being numb for so long is painful at first.

Detox Is a Window to Addiction Recovery

Physical detoxification is only part of the initial stage of drug treatment. The period of detoxification provides a critical window of opportunity that allows patients to begin the shift from active addiction to active recovery. To achieve the best results possible, Avedis clinicians will work to establish a close working relationship with each patient in our care.

Start Your New Life Today at Avedis Detox Center in Tarzana

If you feel like opportunities for a better life keep passing you by, a dependence on drugs and alcohol might be holding you back. Entering Avedis’s residential medical detox center will allow our small team of clinicians to safely, and carefully wean you off psychoactive medications while providing counseling and community support. Residential detox provides a segue into long-term recovery. Contact us by calling 833.514.0579, or contact us online to learn more about our life-saving treatment options.