Women have unique challenges that they face when dealing with addiction. They could have co-occurring mental health issues or have friends and family who don’t support their recovery. A women’s rehab center considers the unique issues that women may face when dealing with addiction. Contact our team at 833.514.0579 to learn more about women’s issues in addiction recovery and how we can help.

3 Common Challenges Facing Women In Addiction Recovery

There are at least three challenges facing women in addiction recovery. To start with, women may:

  1. Develop health complications more quickly when using drugs or alcohol
  2. Have barriers to treatment
  3. Be social with those who don’t support their recovery

These three issues can make it hard for women to recover on their own, which is why it’s necessary to contact a treatment facility to set up a time to begin treatment in an outpatient or inpatient program.

Health Complications in Recovery

One of the first challenges facing women in addiction recovery is that they are more likely to have additional medical concerns as a result of addiction.

While some people may be able to detox and move on to recovery without any sign of long-term mental health or physical conditions, that is less likely for women. Women have a higher risk of developing fatty liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and different types of cancer. Substance use disorder treatment centers must consider those health complications during the treatment program.

Barriers to Treatment

Women also face different barriers to treatment than men. For example, women may be comfortable seeking mental health support, but they may believe that admitting to a substance use disorder may result in losing their children or being stigmatized. They may be concerned that they won’t have someone to care for their children while seeking help or be unsure if a treatment facility can accommodate them while they’re pregnant.

Social Issues in Recovery

Social issues also play a role in addiction recovery. When women are surrounded by supportive individuals who want to see them succeed, they are more likely to recover without a relapse. However, as with most people who have substance abuse disorders, they likely have friends who also abuse substances. They may be more likely to relapse if they don’t change their environment. They are often surrounded by people who do not want them to recover.

For example, a woman may have a friend who knows she’s recovering from an alcohol use disorder. That friend might invite her to a bar without thinking about how that could affect her recovery. Then, the woman may drink to fit in, even though that could lead to a serious relapse.

Women’s Issues in Addiction Recovery Cannot Be Overlooked

To best help women facing substance use disorders, their barriers and unique issues in addiction recovery cannot be overlooked. For example, some benefit from joining facilities with women’s programs so that they are surrounded by other women recovering.

Knowing that a facility supports women is key to helping them get through the recovery issues specific to their gender.

Contact Avedis Recovery to Get Help With Addiction Recovery

Women’s issues in addiction recovery can make it hard to reach out for help and stick with a recovery plan. They may be at a greater risk of relapsing due to outside influences. They could even have to stop short of completing a program to care for their children.

Having the right team on your side is essential. At Avedis Recovery, we work with women’s unique challenges to help them on the road to recovery. Call us today at 833.514.0579 to learn more.

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