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In co-occurring disorders, like mental health issues and drug or alcohol addiction, each problem has its unique causes and effects. These often impact your home, work, and social life. Unfortunately, many co-occurring disorders also impact each other, amplifying negativity and harm. 

When a mental health problem is left untreated, the substance abuse problem worsens. Additionally, as drug and alcohol abuse increases, underlying mental health struggles worsen simultaneously. Right now, anyone fighting life on multiple fronts can learn about dual diagnosis in Los Angeles. Treating mental health and drug misuse can help improve treatment outcomes. For those seeking addiction and mental health treatment, Avedis offers all levels of care and treats co-occurring disorders. Contact Avedis Recovery online or call us confidentially at 833.514.0579 today. 

Co-Occurring Disorders Are More Common Than You Think

Mental health problems commonly co-occur with abuse or an addiction to drugs and alcohol. They include depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. And co-occurring disorders impact millions of Americans every day. Substance abuse and addiction are intrinsically tied to mental health, and the number of people suffering is incredible. According to reports:

  • Almost half of all adults suffering from severe mental health disorders are also affected by drug or alcohol use disorders.
  • Over one-third of people addicted to alcohol, and half abusing drugs have at least one mental illness that must also be treated to help them fully recover.
  • Roughly 30% of individuals confirmed as mentally ill have an alcohol or drug abuse issue.

Struggling through more than one disorder at a time can feel like the odds are stacked against you. The world is cruel and unfair, and your future may seem bleak, but there is always hope. 

Dual Diagnosis Programs in Los Angeles

Avedis offers long-term dual diagnosis treatment in Los Angeles. Over time, we help get at the root of all your problems with mental health and drug abuse problems. Signs and symptoms can vary based on your mental health issue and the type of substance being abused. Receiving dual diagnosis treatment from a trained professional team can make all the difference in treating co-occurring disorders. The signs and symptoms of depression and drug addiction differ.

Some general warning signs that you may have a co-occurring disorder include:

  • Using alcohol to cope with memories or feelings
  • Relying on drug use to manage pain or face scary situations
  • Needing a drink or a drug when you need to stay focused
  • Getting depressed when you drink
  • Feeling depressed or anxious when you’re sober
  • Drinking when you’re feeling anxious
  • Having members of your family with mental disorders or substance abuse
  • Relapsing from addiction treatment because mental health issues were not identified

Treatment for Co-occurring disorders 

The best approach to treating co-occurring disorders tends to be an integrated one in which the addiction and the mental health issues are handled simultaneously. Did mental health begin to suffer first? Or did it start with drug and alcohol abuse? Either way, successful long-term recovery depends on you being cared for and treated. At Avedis, dual diagnosis care is done by the same trained and compassionate team of doctors, therapists, and staff.

Learn More at Avedis Detox 

If you struggle with mental health and addiction, learn about dual diagnosis treatment in Los Angeles. Avedis Detox can help rebuild your life by treating your co-occurring disorders. Contact us using our secure online form or call us at 833.514.0579 today.

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