A men’s rehab center is designed to help men with addiction while keeping their specific challenges in mind. Men’s challenges in addiction recovery may vary, but it’s essential to get the support needed to improve the likelihood of a successful recovery. Contact us at Avedis Recovery to learn more about our detox and rehab programs at 833.514.0579.

Men’s Challenges in Addiction Recovery

Men face a number of issues in addiction recovery that differ from the challenges that women may face. For that reason, it is crucial that they get the right treatments and therapies to help them change their lifestyles while in recovery.

Men’s issues in addiction recovery include:

Here is more about each of these issues in recovery.

Men Are More Likely to Have Substance Use Disorders

To start with, one of the most important issues to address is simply that men are more likely to have substance use disorders. For example, men are more likely than women to develop an alcohol use disorder. Why? They are less likely to see the substance as dangerous.

In rehabilitation, the goal is to help men see the harm that drugs or alcohol can cause so that they recognize the dangers they face and act accordingly.

Men May Not Want Help

Another problem is that men may not feel comfortable asking for help or want the help at all. Men are often raised to believe that they should handle problems in their lives quietly and on their own. However, this can create a real risk to their health and wellbeing since it almost always requires professional help to beat addiction. It may not be until men are in legal trouble or are hospitalized that they finally reach out.

Men Are At a Greater Risk of Relapsing

Men have a greater risk of relapsing than women for a few reasons, but researchers believe it has to do with how engaged a client is with their treatment. Those who invest in their treatment and want help do better than those who don’t want help or attend treatments infrequently.

Positive Emotions May Be Harder for Men to Feel

Men may deal with dual diagnoses, such as depression, making it harder for them to remain positive. They may also reach a point where they feel they have overcome their addiction, but this confidence can often be misplaced and result in relapse.

Being Social Is Less Common for Men

While some men do see others regularly, it’s less common for men to be social compared to women. They may feel uncomfortable talking in groups or reaching out to a sober network, which increases the risk of relapsing.

How Do Rehabilitation Clinics Address Men’s Issues in Addiction Recovery?

At our rehabilitation facility, we work on helping men overcome co-existing disorders, behavioral issues that are affecting their health, and other causes of addiction. Good mental health treatment alongside addiction treatment makes a difference in helping prevent relapses.

Therapies, like cognitive behavioral therapy, may help men learn new, healthier coping strategies as well. Private therapy may be suitable for those uncomfortable with groups, while residential facilities house men together to work through their issues in a same-gender program that is supportive 24 hours a day.

Contact Avedis Recovery to Discuss Men’s Issues in Addiction Recovery

At Avedis Recovery, we know that men’s challenges in addiction recovery are different from women’s. We can help men who are looking to overcome those challenges to live a sober lifestyle. Contact us today at 833.514.0579.

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