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What Is the Difference Between Helping Someone with Addiction and Enabling Them?


February 5 2024

When your loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction, you may try everything in your power to help them get better. However, sometimes you may find that the help your loved one needs is more than you can provide. Addiction is an illness, and as with any disease, you will try to help your loved ones when they suffer. However, addiction is an illness that offers opportunities to improve if your loved one seeks the proper care. Assist your loved one in getting needed help with addiction in Los Angeles with Avedis Detox Center. Our programs are based on the tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous, which provides time-tested approaches to sober living. With our addiction rehab in Los Angeles, true and lasting change is just around the corner.

Help With Addiction In Los Angeles

Addiction can change the very structure of an individual’s life. Some of the challenges addiction presents include:

  • Changes in behaviors or moods
  • Neglect of regular hygiene routine
  • Altered sleep habits
  • Strained personal and work relationships
  • Legal troubles

As a loved one witnessing this, you may see beyond this behavior to the person you care for buried underneath these woes. Even as you watch the chaotic decline of your loved one, you may still have a memory of the person you love. You may try to reason with them but find they are unwilling to change their ways. They overindulge or pick up their habits again, and your pleading is met with defensiveness and abuse. Trying to keep another person’s life together for them can be exhausting. Caring for individuals who do not seem capable of caring for themselves can take a toll on your relationships, finances, and emotional well-being. But there is hope and help available at Avedis Detox Center.

Addiction Rehab In Los Angeles

If the above scenario sounds familiar to you, it may be time for your loved one to consider drug and alcohol detox in Los Angeles. Avedis Detox Center’s addiction detox center and addiction rehab in Los Angeles can help your loved ones get the needed care. This allows you to be one of many forms of support for your loved one instead of the sole support. Addiction recovery almost always requires professional help and a network of support.

What Does It Mean To Enable Another Person’s Addictive Behavior?

Enabling another individual’s behavior is when you do things for them that they can and should do themselves. If your loved one asks for things above and beyond general reciprocal care, you may be in a cycle of enabling their behaviors. This can happen out of concern for their well-being. Enabling also comes with the payoff of feeling like you are positively impacting another person’s life. Unfortunately, they will not learn how to navigate these challenges if they continue to make this impact.

An example would be someone who struggles with financial issues due to drinking. Perhaps they spend their money on nights out drinking. They can’t make rent, so they ask if they can borrow a little money. You may feel like you are helping them out of a terrible conundrum. However, by giving them the money, you show them they do not have to stop spending their money on alcohol. Instead, They could get help with addiction in Los Angeles by contacting a qualified addiction detox center.

Get Your Loved One The Help They Need With An Addiction Rehab In Los Angeles

Our addiction detox center can help your loved ones to work through their addiction. Find more robust ways of coping that can help in any situation. With our drug and alcohol detox in Los Angeles, your loved ones can learn to get sober and stay sober in ways that best support them. Call us at 833.514.0579 to learn more about our addiction rehab in Los Angeles. Stop enabling your loved one today.

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February 5 2024

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