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Alcoholics Anonymous Program

The social prevalence of alcohol in the United States presents a major challenge for people in early recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is the first example of a 12-step recovery program and was developed in the 1930s in an attempt to help people whose lives had become unmanageable due to alcoholism. The 12 steps outline a path to healing that involves the development of individual spiritual maturity within a supportive and understanding community.

About Avedis Recovery

Avedis Recovery is a full-spectrum alcohol and drug treatment center in LA County. We offer medical detox, residential care, partial hospitalization, and outpatient treatment to people whose lives have become unmanageable due to drug and alcohol use.

Alcoholics Anonymous Tarzana

Community meetings guided by the 12 steps of alcoholism recovery are at the heart of Alcoholics Anonymous. There are no application, registration, or membership requirements to attend a Tarzana Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. You can find a meeting in just about any city in the country. At Avedis, our addiction treatment programs are rooted in a 12-step ideology for many reasons. The 12 steps, while time-consuming and difficult to work through, are not complicated. During inpatient treatment, patients spend time exploring and working through the 12 steps.

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism involves a mounting feeling of discomfort that can only be relieved by alcohol intoxication. Drinking dangerous amounts of alcohol causes people to lose touch with this discomfort for a short time, but it ends up causing more problems than it solves. Alcoholism often involves binge drinking, blackouts, and risk-taking behavior. The constant presence of alcohol in a person’s system causes chemical imbalances in neurocircuitry. Over time, the body undergoes neuroadaptive changes in the brain’s reward and stress systems, including tolerance and physical dependence. Alcohol withdrawal is dangerous and should always be supervised in a medical detox program.

Whether you are addicted to alcohol, drugs, or some combination of the two, our treatment programs at Avedis Recovery can provide the care, support, structure, and independence people need in order to heal.

Join us in the following programs:

Al-Anon Meetings Help Families Heal

If someone you love is struggling with their mental health or the effects of unresolved trauma, they may use substances to cope with that struggle. Addictive drugs change people’s brain chemistry and personality until they are almost unrecognizable. It is easy to allow an unhealthy pattern of behavior from a person you love and care about—especially when you feel responsible for their pain. In addition to our family program at Avedis, we also recommend that families of our patients attend Al-Anon meetings. These community meetings allow family members of alcoholics to get together with other family members who are experiencing similar issues.

Post-Treatment Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Treatment for alcohol abuse includes detoxification but continues with psychological counseling. The detox phase ensures that the body’s nervous system returns to its pre-addiction state of no longer having to compensate for alcohol in the body. The reasons behind the addiction remain unless addressed through mental health assistance.

Symptom reduction can look different for each person. Once your treatment is completed, you may still require partial hospitalization, outpatient care, and our solid alumni program. The goals of each program will look a little bit different, but symptom reduction, reduced risk for self-harm, and improvement of your coping skills will all be important factors when you and your treatment team discuss being discharged from the program.

AA Meetings Are a Lifetime Resource

We recommend that our patients complete 90 meetings in 90 days after finishing our full continuum of care. Narcotics anonymous meetings are designed to accommodate people with drug addiction. They also follow 12-step principles.

If attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings does not provide enough structure, we invite you to join one of Avedis Recovery’s life-changing addiction treatment programs. Your life is worth saving! Call our treatment center to learn more 833.514.0579, or contact us online.