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KipuHealth: Our Customer Support Team Makes Magic Happen

Avedis Recovery recently announced its partnership with KipuHeath, an electronic medical record and billing platform that is revolutionizing the behavioral health field. We needed an intuitively designed medical records program without a steep learning curve that would organize our medical records safely and efficiently. KipuHealth’s 24/7/365 support helpline ensures that our staff always has access to free live technical support at any time of the day or night.

As the largest and most widely implemented EMR provider in the substance use disorder treatment industry, KipuHealth’s suite of cloud-based products allows our staff to focus more attention on our patients. This flexible and efficient program has become an integral part of the Avedis experience.

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Hello Avedis Recovery!

September was a fun month! We celebrated fun recovery with our clients. Teaching Our clients to live clean is part of the goal to touch their hearts. Every life matters and addiction are a battle.

On September 17, 2020, Avedis Recovery took the time to take our clients to have fun and teach our clients that the sky is the limit. Watching all the clients engage and laugh and eat as a family brought the staff joy. Avedis recovery staff is to bring Sobriety to the table. In the end, it was an afternoon of Hot weather, burgers and Fries, and a few hours that we didn’t have to think about our struggles in sobriety. We are indeed not a glum lot. The Avedis Family has proven once again that fun can be had in sobriety. Thank you, alumni, for all of your support.

We are happy to announce we will have our first Alumni BBQ in the month of October this continues to have a steady turnout of alumni. Each month we have more and more alumni coming into our community and their recovery. Thank you, Alumni, for your dedication! Please continue to show up with your experience, strength, and hope!

Big news Avedis Family!

This is what our Alumni Client has to say about us:

/“I was born and raised in New York. I discovered alcohol when I was 15 just out of curiosity of what all the grown-ups seem to enjoy so much. It started out small with drinking on Saturday nights during sleepovers for the first year. The next year I had the first person close to me pass away and I thought I knew the way to cope with it, which was by drinking over it. That pattern seemed to continue throughout my teen years, with only a couple hospital visits for alcohol poisoning. No one told me at 15 that I can’t drink a 1/5 of Bacardi O in 10 minutes responsibly.”

“By the time I turned 20, alcohol just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. It took way too much time and effort to even get the effect I was seeking. That’s when I was really introduced to pills for the first time. I had taken them here and there in my party years if someone was handing out pills, but never sought them out myself until this time. It didn’t take long before getting high was the only driving force for me to get through the day.”

“Within three months I knew I was addicted and was completely okay with it. Everyone around me was doing it, so it was never frowned upon. I tried getting clean for the first time about a year later. That’s when all the moving started. The problem was that I kept bringing my mind with me. It was always my ego that would talk me into doing things that I shouldn’t have been doing. I was very grateful about my support not only allowing me to come to groups and me knowing a was scholarship, I decided to take my recovery into a different direction. I can honestly say I have 7 months since March. I couldn’t be more then thankful for Avedis for helping me go into the right direction.”

“I’m still clean and sober because I want to be clean and sober. No one is going to cause me to start using or drinking except for me. Today I am in control and I could never say that before.”