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Threading the needle between the intense structure of inpatient treatment and the relative autonomy of an outpatient program, a partial hospitalization program (PHP) has been proven to reduce harmful symptoms of addiction and mental health disorders at a fraction of the cost of full residential treatment programs. If you or someone you love is struggling with a substance abuse or mental health disorder, the daily structure of a PHP program can help. To learn more about this approach to rehab and recovery, reach out to the medical professionals at Avedis Recovery. Contact us online or call 833.514.0579 today to discuss how our partial hospitalization program in Los Angeles may be the answer.

What is PHP?

A good partial hospitalization program like the one offered by Avedis Recovery will have an array of offerings and amenities for their clients. Our PHP in Los Angeles consists of short-term, intensive treatment that will have you back in your own bed each night but during the day, participating in at least six hours of therapeutic programming from five to seven days each week.

Your partial hospitalization program may include:

You may begin your treatment with a PHP, but typically a partial hospitalization program will follow a medical detox as well as an intensive inpatient traetment. Outpatient treatment then works to establish positive habits that will lead to a healthier, happier life of sobriety.

What Are the Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Since these programs sit in between inpatient hospitalization and outpatient treatment plans, the benefits of our Los Angeles PHP combine the best aspects of both forms of treatment, including:

  • Daily structure
  • Intensive therapy
  • Varied types of therapy
  • Access to medical care
  • Access to mental health care
  • Regularly scheduled meetings
  • Autonomy to continue living your life
  • Sleeping in your own bed

Some of the other benefits of a partial hospitalization program are:

Business Hours

Partial hospitalization keeps old fashion “banking hours,” which mimic office-based employment by design. Structuring the hours of a partial hospitalization program to be like what you would experience during weekdays in the office will eventually help you make a seamless transition back to your productive career. It also reinforces the sheer volume of work required to stay clean and sober and be healthy and happy.

Daytime Treatment Schedule

Your Los Angeles PHP with Avedis Recovery will feature a rigid daily schedule of therapy and programming designed to lead to lifelong recovery. You will benefit from this kind of structure in your earliest days of sobriety and teach you the important skill of making your physical, emotional, and mental health a priority in order to find long-term success in recovery.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

Thanks to its intense daily structure and the wide array of therapies and amenities focused on treating you as a whole person, a PHP is uniquely positioned to address co-occurring disorders, like a mental health condition and drug or alcohol addiction.

Is a Partial Hospitalization Program right for you?

Clients who typically benefit the most from partial hospitalization programs are:

  • People who are demonstrating both the desire and ability to actively participate in therapy
  • Patients who have successfully completed a medical detox
  • Those who are in the process of moving from intense residential treatment or coming out of an inpatient program
  • And most importantly, people who have a stable home life, a fair amount of social support in their local environment, and an understanding community that surrounds them

Learn More at Avedis Recovery

If alcohol, drugs, and/or a mental health disorder is impacting your family or work life, learn how our Los Angeles partial hospitalization program at Avedis Recovery can help you along the path to recovery. Contact us using our secure online form or call us confidentially at 833.514.0579 today.

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