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Unfortunately, addiction can cause serious problems, including loss of relationships, serious financial woes, and legal troubles. Addiction can cause issues in every aspect of your life. But your close family relationships can sometimes suffer the most extreme harm because of addiction. If you have been struggling with repairing family relationships, finding the proper support may help you. With Avedis Recovery’s family therapy program, you can better connect with family members to help them understand the journey to sobriety. You can also learn to better communicate with family members while they learn about how addiction has affected your life. Our family therapy program in Los Angeles can help to bring you some solace.

What Is Group Therapy?

What happens in family therapy as opposed to group therapy? Group therapy is an essential part of addiction counseling. Group therapy can support what is learned in individual therapy and model good behaviors. It can also help you connect with others who are going through a similar experience. It offers a safer space for expressing complicated emotions. Group therapy is typically facilitated by a therapist or experienced group leader and gathers together individuals with similar goals. Because group therapy offers space to those who are learning to tell their story, you can benefit from hearing about what others have gone through at different points in their addiction. Some people will have years of experience, and some will be fresh out of detox for the first time. To experience people processing addiction at so many levels can help you to support others and to be supported in your journey, as well.

What Happens In Family Counseling?

Family counseling is a special form of group therapy that engages the family unit. Through group processing, each family member can learn to better understand addiction and the importance of aftercare for addiction. A facilitator will work with the family much like group therapy to ensure that each session is productive for all family members. This can help your loved ones better understand your unique journey as you begin to introduce a new sober self into the dynamic of your family. There are many benefits of family therapy, though some notable benefits may include the following:

  • Everyone can learn new and helpful ways to communicate.
  • Facilitated sessions help you in prioritizing your recovery.
  • Develop your sober self in a safe space.
  • Repair family relationships.
  • Grow family relationships that have suffered.
  • Identify generational substance issues.
  • Find new resources that may better help families to support addiction recovery.
  • A therapist models strategies for successful communication
  • The whole family learns healthful modes of coping.

Family life can sometimes enable addiction. There are generational and hereditary substance issues that can be passed on. Sometimes, family members learn that a state of addiction is the norm. But knowing how to recognize the cycle of addiction and how family members may add to it can help you make necessary changes in your life. This can also add to the cohesion of the family unit as you work together to reach your goals of sobriety. Family counseling can help you reset your relationships to start from a place of trust and forgiveness. Avedis Recovery offers a family therapy program in Los Angeles that is convenient and comprehensive for your needs.

Seek A Family Therapy Program In Los Angeles With Avedis Recovery

It can be a struggle to repair family relationships, but it doesn’t have to be hard to find the support you need for recovery. Our experienced and professional facilitators can help you with family counseling. Call us at 833.514.0579 to learn more about our family therapy program in Los Angeles. We can help you to start over with your family today. Reconnect and rebuild with Avedis Recovery.

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