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Deciding to enter an alcohol detox program is a life-changing moment. But it is important to remember that this change can improve your health, finances, personal relationships and add to your future success. If you are thinking about entering an alcohol detox center, you may be unsure of what to expect from the program. Questions about the day-to-day experience, the alcohol detox timeline, and even what to bring with you to an alcoholic treatment center in Los Angeles, California, are normal and expected. The following are tips to help guide you through your alcohol detox experience with Avedis Detox Center.

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Alcohol Detox Timeline With An Alcoholic Treatment Center

If you are considering an alcohol rehab in Los Angeles, California, you may be unsure about the alcohol detox timeline. Detox is the process by which substances leave your body. Your body becomes dependent on having alcohol in your system when you become addicted. This means that you may experience extreme symptoms when you stop using alcohol. This is why an alcoholic treatment center can be beneficial to you. The alcohol detox timeline may look a little like this, although it varies depending on each individual’s body chemistry and severity of addiction:

Stage One

This can last from about 7-12 hours. This stage includes immediate symptoms, such as typical hangover symptoms like headaches, restlessness, or stomach and muscle pains.

Stage Two

This usually lasts 12-48 hours. During this stage, the condition may escalate to symptoms like sweating, shivering, or hallucinations if the addiction is severe.

Stage Three

This usually lasts about 38-72 hours. This stage is acute and requires the care of an alcohol detox center. This stage may bring on severe symptoms such as delirium tremens, severe fatigue, heart palpitations, seizures, and under very extreme cases, death.

Because of the severity of some symptoms on the alcohol detox timeline, it is imperative that you seek qualified assistance from an alcohol detox center. An alcoholic treatment center has resources to help guide you through the safest possible detox process.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Time With An Alcohol Detox Center

The following are some tips that may help you to better manage your time in an alcoholic treatment center:

  • The alcohol detox timeline can be different for each individual. Do not base your experience on that of others around you.
  • Lean on your support system. Call a friend or write a letter to a parent.
  • Practice mindfulness and breathing exercises. These simple exercises can help keep your resolve stronger as you navigate sobriety.
  • Drink a lot of water. This will help to relieve your body of toxins from alcohol consumption. This can also help you to regulate your body temperature.
  • Remember to eat a nutritious diet, if you can, with liquids and protein to keep your mind and body going.
  • Stay active even if it is a few laps around the treatment center. Staying active can help you stay strong as cravings hit.

It is important to remember that addiction is a sickness. So treat your body and mind with the same care as if you were struggling with the flu. Get proper nutrition and fluids and plenty of rest. This is all needed as you undergo these new life changes.

Reach Out to Learn More About Alcohol Rehab In Los Angeles, California

Avedis Detox Center is an alcohol detox center that presents you with a caring and professional environment for your detox and rehabilitation. Our alcohol detox timeline can help you clear the alcohol from your body and replace drinking with new and meaningful coping mechanisms. Let our experienced and caring staff help you today. Call us at 833.514.0579 to learn more about the details of our alcoholic treatment center. With Avedis Detox Center on your side, your sobriety may well be in hand.

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