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Getting sober is truly an accomplishment. However, staying sober can be very difficult. Many roadblocks in life can cause you to fall off the wagon, including stressors in daily life and new and traumatic events. Finding the right relapse prevention program can help you learn to cope with new changes before they appear. If you have been on a journey to sobriety and are struggling with staying sober, Avedis Detox Center offers a relapse prevention program that can help you with tips for getting sober and staying sober.

How To Get Sober And Stay Sober

Sobriety is typically used to describe a state wherein you are not under the influence of any addictive substance.12-step programs suggest that sobriety means complete abstinence. However, some programs stay centered on the recovery process. While the goal of sobriety may be never to use a substance that causes you any kind of harm, the best way to do this is to find new and meaningful coping mechanisms to replace negative behaviors.

Tips For Staying Sober

A large percentage of people who go into alcohol addiction treatment will experience some kind of relapse during their time in recovery. The following six essential tips for getting sober and staying sober will help to support your recovery:

  1. Ask for help when you need it–Asking for help when you need it can open the door to better conversations about your needs. This can help you show your loved ones how they can better support you and help you get the right help when sobriety becomes too hard to cope with.
  2. Identify and avoid triggers–Finding out what triggers you to use alcohol will help you avoid those triggers in the future.
  3. Avoid old routines and habits–Old routines and habits are enmeshed in your previous lifestyle. This means that these old haunts and old friends may not be conducive to or supportive of your new lifestyle. It is important to give yourself the chance to stay positive and supported.
  4. Practice healthful living–Eating healthy regular meals and getting plenty of exercise and sleep will help you stay sober. This is because your body will be getting what you need. When you get your physical needs met, it can be easier to address your emotional needs, as well.
  5. Find personal balance–Finding personal balance can be as easy as taking up a meditation routine. Doing a regular body scan or connecting with how you feel in your environment can help assess your needs and know when you need more support.
  6. Have a personal sobriety plan–A personal sobriety plan is simply planning for disaster. When you have rules that you have set for yourself, it is often easier to follow them than return to your previous addiction. Establishing a plan means you will be prepared to speak with the right people and get the right help.

These rules are not hard fast and may change depending on your needs. However, if you do find yourself struggling, remember that Avedis Detox Center’s alcohol rehab near Los Angeles, California is here to help you follow through on your wellness plan. Our experienced and caring staff will guide you back to sobriety with the proper alcohol addiction treatment for you.

Find Help With Avedis Detox Center, An Alcohol Rehab Near Los Angeles, California

If you’re struggling with getting sober and staying sober, then Avedis Detox Center’s alcohol rehab in Los Angeles, California, can help you. Our comprehensive programs offer a mix of time-tested methods and holistic care options. This means that we can help you with your physical dependency while also addressing new ways to cope. This whole-body method of treatment is personalized to your needs. Call us at 833.514.0579 to learn more about getting sober with Avedis Detox Center today.

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