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What are the benefits of a men’s addiction recovery program? When you’re struggling with addiction, details like whether a treatment program is gender-specific or not can seem trivial. However, considerations like this can be exactly what you or someone you care about needs to heal properly.

The loneliness and isolation that result from developing an addiction can leave many feeling hopeless and helpless. Men, who are traditionally expected to remain emotionally numb, are unfortunately at greater risk of struggling alone in silence. An addiction treatment program specifically for men deals with substance use disorders and problems that spring from these gender-based expectations. Looking for a men’s addiction recovery program in California? Contact Avedis Recovery by calling 833.514.0579 or reaching out to our team online.

What Is a Men’s Addiction Recovery Program?

Put simply, it is a recovery program specifically for men with addiction. Research shows that men are much less likely than women to seek help for addiction. This could be because they’re reluctant to enter a setting where they will be asked to talk openly about their addiction. Some men may even think of needing to go to rehab as a sign of weakness.

Men’s addiction recovery programs are designed to help men overcome barriers like these. There’s more focus on getting patients to open up and speak freely about their feelings. Addiction treatment methods are chosen because they’re evidence-based with proven results and because they may work better on men or provide a type of care that focuses on gender-based difficulties.

The needs of men and women in rehab are different. On top of understanding that each client has different needs, there is also the concept of customizing a treatment plan based on gender for programs like this.

What Are the Benefits of Addiction Treatment for Men?

1. Being Comfortable

One of the most recognizable benefits of addiction treatment for men is the fact that a gender-specific program and environment make men more comfortable with themselves and with other people. Exclusively male rehabilitation facilities set the tone for growth and freedom, as clients are encouraged to express their innermost thoughts with same-gendered peers that they can more easily trust. Gender-specific treatment programs offer comfort and support as clients discuss their:

  • Anxiety and fears
  • Control issues
  • Family of origin
  • Feelings
  • Goals and aspirations
  • Sexual and romantic relationships

Male clients are encouraged to express repressed feelings within and take time for the development of their emotional awareness.

2. Being Honest and Safe

Masculinity is often worn as a mask of protection. It hides feelings of inadequacy or weakness. This behavior is often developed in childhood, learned from observed perceptions of male expectations. Some men may have even been shamed for not being masculine enough and have cultivated masculinity to make themselves feel less vulnerable.

“Be a man!” or “Big boys don’t cry!” are seemingly harmless but overused expressions. However, phrases like these solidify a message in the minds of impressionable boys. How can they not believe that being a man means concealing innermost emotions? Many boys learn that any experience of emotion is a direct threat to their masculinity. This creates a barrier between what is felt and what is expressed. It causes men to repress their emotions and deny any need for assistance even when they’re in severe pain or discomfort.

Men that embark on the journey to mental and emotional wellness, alongside their recovery path, learn to let down their walls of emotional protection more easily in gender-specific addiction treatment programs. Exclusively male rehab facilities present an ideal environment for men to address their underlying problems without protecting their masculinity or ego.

3. Focusing on Issues Affecting Men

While the negative consequences of addiction do not discriminate between gender, the issues faced by recovering addicts can be gender-specific. Men and women differ in many ways — including familial or financial obligation, lived experience, social and societal expectations, and access to resources. Responses to stress or threat can be another distinction, as well as how hurts or needs are expressed.

Men are likely to seek assistance in managing anger. Women tend to struggle with low self-esteem. In gender-specific programs, issues affecting one gender are focused on repeatedly because they affect all clients in the program.

Ready To Learn More About Avedis Recovery’s Programs for Men With Addiction?

Looking for a men’s addiction recovery program in California? Contact Avedis Recovery by calling 833.514.0579 or reaching out to our team online.

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