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While some people can use addictive drugs without developing an addiction, many of us do not have that option. For this single reason, the strive for lifelong recovery is imperative as it must be taken a day at a time along with proper support, tools, and insights. Welcome to Avedis Recovery Center in Los Angeles. Our outpatient drug treatment center on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles is now open to people who have completed our inpatient detox or residential programs.

Integrated Addiction Treatment

In many ways, our Los Angeles drug treatment center mirrors the integrated inpatient experience that takes place on our Tarzana campus. However, instead of living onsite at the rehab facility, outpatient clients receive treatment while living at home, in sober living, or with family members or friends.

During this time, clients attend individual therapy sessions, group counseling, and other therapeutic activities. We here at Avedis Recovery Center are confident enough to say that according to the research, it is not the treatment facility that provides long-term sobriety but the decision within the client to stay in long-term treatment due to the single element that has shown to be the most influential towards recovery – fear/despair. We continue to stay mindful of this and provide recommendations to collaborative entities along with continuing to empower motivation and maintaining the memory of consequential pain, instead of the euphoric recall awaiting to trigger at any moment.

While outpatient treatment can absolutely be as effective as inpatient treatment, it is often recommended for individuals with a less severe dual diagnosis. If you are experiencing homelessness, we want you to know that you have options.

Contact our office to learn more about our life-changing addiction treatment programs, including:

Biochemistry Matters

All psychoactive chemicals carry some risk of addiction, especially those connected with dopamine regulation. Since addiction is connected with physical and psychological dependence, seeking an additional level of treatment after completing a residential program can save your life. As we now know, many prescription medications that are taken in exact accordance with your doctor’s recommendations can result in physical dependency. When you struggle with chemical dependency, a Los Angeles rehab program can help you develop the skills and network you need to live a good life.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment is an option for clients who struggle with medication management along with other mental health problems. We know that psychological issues and addiction often go hand in hand. While completing a detox or inpatient program is a valuable first step, continuing to implement the strategies takes a long-term effort. Our clinicians are well-trained and uphold a wide array of professional practices. We believe that mental health and addiction is a very complex areas, because of “cognitive conditioning”. This means that an emotional experience has led to drug use for so long that it is imperative to take small steps in order to break this conditioning. In therapy (and in recovery), pain is required to heal (paradoxically as well). From this, it is essential to remain aware that going inward can also trigger the activation of addiction as well. This is one of the main reasons why recovery, once again, is empowered by the decision to remain long-term.

After completing an inpatient partial hospitalization program, outpatient treatment will help you take the next right step. We can provide the support, tools, network, and guidance you need to recover fully and get your life back.

Addiction Is a Public Health Emergency

Substance abuse disorders, addiction, and alcoholism form a widespread public health crisis in the United States. More than 20 million Americans met the criteria for a substance abuse disorder last year. Startlingly, only ten percent of this group is likely to seek treatment in a rehab center. Addiction is a chronic mental health concern, meaning that it doesn’t go away in time. Since substance use disorders impair judgment, alter thinking, and increase risk-taking behavior, your best option for getting sober in Los Angeles is to find a treatment program that provides a full continuum of care, from detox to outpatient treatment.

Self-Care Starts at Avedis Recovery Center Los Angeles

If you choose a treatment center that is unable to treat both the addiction and the mental health disorder, the untreated mental health problem will likely contribute to a relapse. If you are using drugs or alcohol to self-medicate in order to mediate the symptoms of depression, anxiety, or PTSD, when you stop using them, the symptoms of these mental health conditions come back in full force. If your chemical dependence goes untreated, it can cause other psychological problems to develop while exacerbating the conditions.

Los Angeles Addiction Recovery Starts Here

If the consequences of drug and alcohol use aren’t helping you get sober, Avedis Recovery can help. Our highly qualified, dedicated, patient addiction treatment team can help you start a life you can be proud of. Contact us today by calling 833.514.0579, or contact us online.