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Anger affects everyone differently. For some people, anger is a fire in the pit of their stomach. However, in others, their anger is overwhelmingly quiet but seething before a dramatic, often dangerous outburst. Anger management and addiction are linked in several ways, meaning anger and addiction recovery need to be addressed simultaneously to make progress toward recovery properly. Avedis Detox’s anger management therapy program can assist in your journey toward a happier, healthier life. Reach out to our medical professionals online or call 833.514.0579 today to discuss help with your anger and addiction recovery.

Dealing with Anger And Addiction Recovery

Anger is a normal human emotion. No shame or stigma should be associated with anger when expressed through healthy words and productive actions. And if managed properly through some of the essential lessons learned during an anger management therapy program, anger does not need to be destructive or unhealthy either.

The Common Causes Of Anger

Anger is a normal reaction to events and issues all human beings face throughout the course of life, such as:

  • Stress
  • Disappointment
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Relationship problems
  • Economic pressures
  • Mental health disorders

Those with co-occurring disorders, like drug and alcohol abuse or other mental health issues, are even more susceptible to anger management and addiction issues.

Signs You Need Anger Management and Addiction Treatment

When expressed in a healthy way and with control and consideration there is nothing abnormal about getting angry. However, when anger is suppressed, or not allowed to be expressed appropriately, anger can emerge as fiery explosions. This can be harmful to yourself as well as to those around you. The following behaviors could be indicative of anger management and addiction issues.

Substance Abuse

Clearly, if you are suffering from an addiction, you are using and misusing drugs and/or alcohol. Maybe you have turned to substances as a way of numbing the angry emotions and burying the angry thoughts you are feeling. Drug and alcohol use and addiction are common in people with anger issues. Therefore, anger and addiction recovery can be addressed concurrently, to encourage a full recovery and a happier life.

Physical Response to Anger

Depending on how you were raised and the environment you are currently in, anger could have been presented to you as a taboo emotion. This is dangerous because it creates an atmosphere where you may struggle to know how and when to express yourself and your anger appropriately. It is especially problematic to consider anger and addiction recovery because this ultimately encourages the bottling up of emotions, which could have pushed you toward masking your anger with dangerous substances. You may notice this in a loved one who regularly responds to anger with physical antics and small displays of emotive actions.

Some physical responses to anger include:

Emotional Response to Anger

Emotional responses to anger during addiction recovery is common. You could be upset with yourself for allowing drugs to overtake your life, or angry at being judged by less-than-supportive friends and family members. Some of the emotionally charged responses to anger you may experience include getting:

  • Irritated
  • Sad
  • Guilty
  • Resentful
  • Anxious
  • The desire to flee the anger-inducing situation

Impacted by Triggers

Some anger is triggered by drinking, drug use, or other situations your addiction is preventing you from being in control of. If anger is stunting your addiction recovery, you could use a professional anger management therapy program to resolve one issue before successfully addressing your substance use disorder.

Learn More at Avedis Detox

Whether your anger has led you down a path of drugs and alcohol or the substance use disorder spawned your anger management issues, Avedis can help you regain control of your life. Contact us using our secure online form or call us confidentially at 833.514.0579 today.

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