The first stage of any reputable drug treatment program in California and beyond involves inpatient medical detox. This sub-emergency treatment stabilizes acute health risks, including overdose, respiratory depression, and other adverse physical and psychological reactions. We know that physical withdrawal symptoms along with dysphoria produced by drug withdrawal are powerful drivers of relapse. In the early days of recovery, patients haven’t yet experienced the rewards of getting clean. A person detoxing at Avedis’ residential detox center in Tarzana will be surrounded by people who really feel their pain.

Our Tarzana Detox Team

The treatment team at our Tarzana detox is calm, competent, and alert. We won’t lie to you—detox isn’t a walk in the park. However, detoxing at Avedis is easier, less painful, and more effective than trying to detox alone or in the emergency room. You simply will not find a more supportive and experienced group of clinicians than our team at Avedis Detox. Our medical staff treats patients like family as they work to safely mediate symptoms of withdrawal and increase patient stability. Keeping people in treatment during this critical stage lays the foundation for lasting recovery. To us, addiction recovery is personal. Our founder moved from the LA restaurant business to the addiction recovery sphere after losing his brother to a drug overdose in 2013. When we look at our patients’ faces, we don’t see addicts; we see human beings with tremendous potential.

How Can I Help My Loved One in Detox?

Dealing with a family member when they are going through stages of withdrawal poses challenges to many California families. Drug withdrawal is difficult for family members and loved ones to tolerate for many reasons. After prolonged use of certain substances, people’s ability to tolerate any sort of pain and discomfort is diminished. This makes people who are experiencing withdrawal act in ways they otherwise would never dream of acting. Most of our patients at Avedis are withdrawing from some combination of opioids and some combination of stimulants.

Indications that your loved one needs help getting their addiction under control include the following:

  • Inability to consistently abstain from drug use
  • Impairments in behavior and impulse control
  • Cravings for drugs that override all else
  • Difficulty recognizing behavior concerns
  • Consistent interpersonal relationship turmoil

Find a Residential Detox Center in Tarzana

During the detox period, our goal is to help people get stable. As a family member, the best thing you can do is encourage your loved one to get treatment. Once they enter our detox program, their therapist will offer suggestions for encouragement and setting healthy boundaries. Although it’s tempting to want to keep your loved one close during this time, people who detox at home are more likely to relapse. We are one of the first treatment providers in the state to attain ASAM 3.7 accreditation with CARF, ensuring that your loved one is receiving the absolute best level of residential care.

Contact our Tarzana detox center to offer your loved one their best chance at addiction recovery in the following post-detox programs:

Step 1: Detoxify

While some people are able to use addictive drugs without extensive consequences, most people are not. Our residential detox program allows patients to seamlessly transition into partial hospitalization while avoiding relapse, developing coping skills, and forming new relationships. After completing our residential program, patients transition to Avedis Recovery Los Angeles, our intensive outpatient treatment program. Managing and treating addiction to the following substances is possible when people have access to the best treatment:

  • Opioids and stimulants
  • Alcohol and opioids
  • Benzodiazepines and opioids
  • Combinations of opioids
  • Marijuana and stimulants
  • Marijuana and alcohol
  • Alcohol and stimulants

Get Help from a Tarzana Inpatient Rehab Program

Residential detox offers a precious window of opportunity to help people transition from active addiction to active recovery. But, even when it feels out of reach, recovery is always possible. Contact our residential Tarzana detox center at 833.514.0579 , or contact us online to inquire about available beds.