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Addiction in New York City is pervasive, impacting individuals from all walks of life. Fortunately, there are numerous opportunities for specialized care in addiction treatment for New York City Detox programs. These programs provide tailored therapies and clinical interventions to help those suffering from addiction in NYC, NY, on their journey to recovery. Detox patients in New York City, NY, can receive personalized attention from an experienced team of professionals focused solely on treating the unique needs present during each individual’s situation.

If you’re reading this, you or a loved one is likely dealing with substance use disorder. At Avedis Recovery, this condition is deeply personal to us. Our founder, George Degirmendjian, established Avedis Recovery after losing his brother to substance use disorder. Assisting individuals in overcoming addiction is our lifelong commitment.

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Struggling with addiction but worried about rehab costs? Avedis Recovery works with numerous insurance providers to minimize out-of-pocket costs for addiction treatment.

Treatment for Detox in Suffolk County, New York

At Avedis Detox, anyone that needs detox in Suffolk County can benefit from diverse addiction rehab services catering to their unique needs. These services include:

  • Medication management
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Trauma-informed counseling
  • Peer support groups
  • Holistic therapies like yoga and meditation
  • Integration support for 12-step programs
  • Tools for relapse prevention
  • Education on addiction

The team at Avedis Detox in Los Angeles, CA, employs a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. This allows individuals to receive personalized treatment plans that address their specific circumstances. It equips them with the necessary resources to maintain long-term sobriety

Benefits of Detox – Nassau County, New York

Avedis R ecovery provides many benefits to those needing addiction treatment in Nassau County, NY. 24/7 medical supervision guarantees a safe detoxification experience, while private rooms maximize progress and minimize potential distractions. Furthermore, access to professional mental health care providers such as psychiatrists, counselors, and social workers ensures clients have ongoing assistance throughout their recovery journey—from short-term detox programs through long-term residential stays.

Avedis Detox Rehab serving Manhattan, NY

Avedis Recovery, a rehab that serves addiction rehab patients in Manhattan, NY, provides unparalleled service for those seeking addiction recovery. Not only does their experienced staff provide round-the-clock therapeutic services designed to meet the individual needs of each Manhattan rehab patient, but they do so in an environment that is both supportive and secure. Through personalized rehabilitation plans tailored specifically for them, every patient in rehab from Manhattan, New York, who enters Avedis can find comfort knowing this facility will give them all the tools necessary for long-term sobriety going forward. With its many advantages considered together it’s clear why choosing Avedis Recovery as your go-to institution should be seen as paramount. When looking into potential options, if you’re looking for addiction treatment rehab in Manhattan, begin your journey towards healing from substance abuse disorder with the rehab counselors at Avedis Recovery.

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If you’re considering addiction treatment services, choose Avedis Detox, a detox center in LA County with detox and rehab programs that establish a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Contact us today at 833.514.0579.


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